Our Process

Every project is unique. Creating spaces and routines that are well ordered is hard at times, especially when you wear many hats. I will guide you through the process of developing systems that help you maintain order and improve productivity. As a result, you can accomplish more every day.

I am here to help you, and my process is simple:  I approach every project with C.A.R.E.


It all starts with a quick 20-minute phone call. During this free initial call, we will discuss the type of help you are looking for. If we determine there is a good fit, we will schedule an assessment visit.


For the assessment, which typically takes about an hour, I will visit your home or business and tour the space(s) you would like to address. This is your opportunity to clarify how you envision re-defining your space(s).


Using the information I gather during the assessment visit, I will design a customized game plan and suggest the program or package of services that will best meet your needs. I offer packages of multiple sessions at a discounted rate, or you may choose to pay per session.


We get started by scheduling regular 3-4 hour working sessions until the project is done. Before you know it, together we create the orderly outcome you are looking for, all while having some fun doing it.

Let’s get started creating order in your home or business, Contact me today!