Orderly Outcomes

Orderly Outcomes
Turning To-Do into Ta-Da!


BeforeBefore Piano Van

Packing up a home of 50 years and downsizing is emotional, and never easy. I worked along with the moving company as they packed all items to be moved to a new, smaller, retirement home. I made sure every box was clearly labeled with a brief summary of its contents, along with the room the box should be placed in on the other end.

New HomeAfter New Kitchen

Upon arrival at the new home, I directed the movers as they unloaded the truck, to ensure that the boxes and furniture were placed in the correct rooms. While the movers were available to help us, I wanted to make sure we got it right. When the moving truck was empty, we prioritized unpacking the kitchen and bedroom items, so that Mom and Dad would feel more comfortable right away in their new space.

Ta-da Tip: Typically packers and movers are paid by the hour. You can reduce the stress level associated with any move, and save on related moving costs, if you plan your move appropriately. Taking the time to develop a clear plan will ensure efficiency with the packing and unpacking process of your move.

Guest Room Setup After Disorganized Move

Guest Room Before
Guest Room After

Shortly after my client moved into her new home the guest room was full of the boxes you see in the “before” picture above. We worked together sorting through all the boxes, moved out the items that belonged elsewhere in the house, and organized her dresser and closet.  Within hours she had a useable guest room.

Table Cloths Before
Table Cloths After

Over the years my client collected vintage tablecloths in all shapes and sizes. In her new home, she decided to dedicate a closet right next to the dining room to hold her collection. The first thing we did, was find a shelf in the garage that was not being used. We selected one that fit perfectly in the closet and allowed us to organize her tablecloths by size, shape, style and season. Now when she entertains, she can easily and efficiently make the perfect choice. In addition, as her collection grows, there is room on the shelves for more.

Ta-da Tip: Whether you are moving into a new space, or re-organizing an existing space, think about how you can put items (such as the shelf above) that you already own, to a new use before purchasing something else.

Setting Up a Redesigned and Renovated Kitchen

Kitchen ContentsBefore Kitchen Cabinets Before

The contents of my client’s kitchen had been packed up for months while her family endured a home renovation project involving the entire first floor. When I arrived, the boxes were ready to be unpacked, and the shelves were ready to be filled. Taking into account her plans for how she would be using her new, expanded space, we identified kitchen “zones.” For example — the baking zone, the cooking zone and the everyday dishes zone, among others. As we sorted through her boxes, we identified the appropriate zone where the items belonged. Before we knew it, everything in those boxes had a new well ordered space.

11EverydayDishesAfter Kitchen Cabinets After

Pictured above is her new “everyday dishes” zone placed right between the dishwasher and refrigerator. This will provide easy access when unloading the dishwasher or pouring a glass of milk. In the photo on  the right, we selected these cabinets,just above the stovetop, as her new baking & cooking zone with easy access to baking ingredients on the left, and cooking oil and spices on the right.

Ta-da Tip: Think about how you use your kitchen every day and organize your cabinets with access in mind. Create work zones and place the items needed in those zones within reach. Let usage dictate the items you store close by and those that are used infrequently that can be stored in the basement.