Frequently Asked Questions

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Below are among the ones that I get asked on a regular basis. I’ll be happy to answer your specific questions directly.

Professional Organizer

How does the Minimalism Challenge work?

It’s inspired by The Minimalist’s 30-Day minimalism game (#MinsGame). I’m renaming it the “Minimalism Challenge,” because I think, for most of us, it could be a challenge. But a worthwhile one.

This is how it works:

  • Pick a month when you can dedicate time and attention to the challenge. Some days will be easy, others will require more planning.
  • For every day of the month, remove or designate for removal, the number of items equal to the number of the day. On the 1st, remove one item; on the 2nd, two items and so on.
  • I define “removing” as donating to a local charity, selling or giving to someone who needs the items you don’t, or as a last resort, tossing the items in the trash.
  • Anything qualifies – furniture, decorations, dishes, magazine/catalog/retailer subscriptions, clothing, toys… anything!
  • Anyone in your home can participate – everyone’s items count toward that day’s total.
  • I’ll be your accountability partner, so by midnight each day, post a picture of the items you remove to my Facebook page (or email me a photo for you non-Facebook folks out there).

Look around and decide what you can remove from your life. Notice what‘s weighing you down and not serving you any longer. When you do, you’ll have more time and energy for the important things.

Professional Organizer

How can a Professional Organizer help?

I view the role of a professional organizer as someone who helps enhance the lives of clients by designing systems and processes that meet individual goals. Systems are built upon standard organizing principles and tailored for each person or situation. I provide information, identify products and assist you with your identified organization project. I guide, encourage and educate my clients about organizing by offering support, focus and direction. A professional organizer helps individuals, families, and businesses take control of their surroundings and/or the task at hand. I give you the systems you need to remain well-ordered.

Our Approach

How do you approach each organization project?

I approach each project with C.A.R.E.  We connect with a no-obligation phone call where we address each other’s questions and identify how best to work together. Based upon that conversation, we schedule a visit to assess the requirements of your organization project. Following the assessment visit, I develop a custom plan to re-define your space or task. Along with this plan I will recommend the appropriate program or package of services to meet your needs. Once you select the approach you are most comfortable with – together we execute the plan to create the order you are looking for in your life and home.

How Long for Results

How long will it take to see results?

Every project is different but I guarantee that my clients will see results during our very first session. Typically I schedule sessions in 2-4 hour blocks, which gives us plenty of time to roll up our sleeves and make progress. And since my clients work along with me, you will see – and feel – results immediately.  If you are not happy with the results, I offer a 100% money back guarantee.  No questions asked.

Senior Moves

Do you have a different approach when you work with Seniors?

Senior moves and downsizing projects are a focus of the work I do. I love working with seniors to simplify their homes and lives in an effort to help them enjoy and prosper during their retirement years. I typically approach each senior move with the same C.A.R.E. described above, but recommend limiting the length of each work session to two hours or so.

What about Treasures?

Will you make me get rid of items that I treasure?

No. Within reason we can always find a place for family treasures. But I will ask you to seriously consider if the emotional attachment to a particular item is worth incorporating it into your new well ordered space. Usually, a new home for a treasure can be found with another family member who can put it to use, or donated to someone in need.

Do you bring supplies?

Do you bring the supplies I need with you?

I typically do have a variety of supplies I carry with me, but to complete some organization projects I may recommend products that will need to be purchased. Sometimes I perform research to identify just the right solution and present it to you. Often times recommended products can be purchased locally by you, or I am happy to shop on your behalf.

How do you charge?

How do you charge for your services?

The total cost of a project will vary from client to client. After an initial call, every project starts with an on-site assessment. I charge $95 for this visit and the development of a customized plan. Based upon this plan, I will suggest the appropriate program or package of services to meet your needs. I offer packages in blocks of hours. If you select one of these packages, you receive a %10 discount. Or if you prefer, you can pay by the hour. For scheduling purposes I schedule 2 hour minimums and expect a 24-hour notice if you have to cancel.

What is NAPO?

What does it mean to be a member of NAPO?

The National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) has been recognized as the organizing authority for over 25 years. As a member of NAPO I am dedicated to the profession and continue to seek education through conferences, monthly chapter meetings, and webinars. Every NAPO member accepts and adheres to a standard Code of Ethics to insure your personal information remains confidential. A professional organizer who is a NAPO member has made a commitment to their business and therefore to you, the client.

As an important resource for continuing education, NAPO offers organizing and productivity professionals the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in particular areas of interest, and demonstrate a commitment to professional development. I have earned Specialist Certificates in Residential Organizing and Workplace Productivity.

How do I stay organized?

After you leave, how do I stay organized?

Working together we will establish new systems and practices that meet your individual style and needs. I never demand that you do things my way. Instead, together we tailor solutions that will work for you for the long-term. I do recommend that I check in from time to time after the completion of a project to answer any questions you might have, and make adjustments that may be required.


How do you maintain confidentiality?

Compassion, honesty and confidentiality are my guiding principals. I will never do or say anything to breach the trust placed in me by my clients. My integrity and objectivity guides my actions throughout every project.