Expose Monthly Expenses and Save

Courtesy of Wall Street Journal

Every now and then it’s important to inventory monthly recurring expenses. They can really add up. By exposing what you spend each month forces you to evaluate if the value you receive is worth it. It’s fairly simple to do. Read on…

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Declutter Your Time And Prioritize

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I never have. Probably because typically by the middle of February I forget all about them. We’re one month into 2019 and I’m asking how many of you made New Year’s resolutions and are still focused on them? A few years back, I adopted a different approach.

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Backup, Backup, Backup, Clone and Protect

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Last month, while out of town, I fell victim to a cyber attack. I received a ransomware email that felt very threatening. It was just the wake-up call I needed. I took the threat seriously but didn’t pay the ransom. Instead, I enhanced my backup procedures and once again installed software to proactively protect my laptop.

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A Refresher on Recycling

Foam that can be recycled

I love listening to podcasts and what I learned recently during a podcast on recycling I share in this post. The fact is, new recycling challenges are facing our local communities. Learn about these new restrictions and what you can do to become better at recycling at home and in the office. Changes are coming soon, so be ready.

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Tips To Minimize Food Waste

I came across an article recently that really got me thinking about how our priorities around food have changed. It’s rare that people store fresh veggies to enjoy during the winter months like my grandparents did. And since we have easy access to groceries and grocery stores these days, I don’t think we place the same value on food that our ancestors did.

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Make Memories This Holiday Season

The annual gift-giving season is right around the corner. How about making memories instead this year? Included here are some suggestions that offer you more time to enjoy those you love, while reducing the stress of the hunt at the shopping mall.

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4 Steps to Simplify Spring Cleaning

Spring time offers all kinds of opportunities to revisit old ways of doing things and think anew. See why spring cleaning isn’t as cumbersome as it used to be…

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My Top 5 Move Missteps

My family and I lived at the same address for 27 years – that changed about 3 weeks ago. I mentioned in a previous e-Newsletter that my husband Bill and I decided it was time to simplify and shed ourselves of the extra work that a single family home with a big yard and pool demands – not to mention the accumulated clutter. I’m pleased to say all went well with the move. And we’re thrilled with our new condo home. But we learned some valuable lessons along the way…

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Attic Organization Tips

After living in our home for over 25 years, my husband and I have decided to simplify our lives, and move. As is sometimes the case – this decision happened very quickly… at least for my husband Bill!

Unbeknownst to him, about two years ago as our empty nest status was imminent, I started thinking

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Necessary Evil: Meal Preparation

Meal preparation is a necessary evil in most households. When I feel like I am in a recipe rut, I realize it’s time to get more organized and thoughtful with planning. Here are a few tips I have tried.

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