8 Summer Organizing Project Ideas

Project Reminder List

There are some organizing projects that are perfect for checking off your list during the summer. This article offers eight ideas to consider as warmer weather approaches and our hectic schedules slow down a bit. Have any of these been on your list for a while?

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A Refresher on Recycling

Foam that can be recycled

I love listening to podcasts and what I learned recently during a podcast on recycling I share in this post. The fact is, new recycling challenges are facing our local communities. Learn about these new restrictions and what you can do to become better at recycling at home and in the office. Changes are coming soon, so be ready.

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De-clutter: Don’t Postpone Joy

About a dozen readers of my monthly e-newsletter took me up on my 30-Day Minimalism Challenge. Read all about what we learn, how we de-clutter, and the surprises we find along the way.

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The Important Things


What does minimalism mean to you? Learn how to create your own definition of living with less and creating space for the important things.

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Christmas Card Clutter Creativity

As the New Year arrives, managing the clutter accumulated during the busy holiday season can be overwhelming. Take a deep breath and tackle one task at a time. In this article, I am offering a few ideas for making use of all the holiday greeting cards you have received – and most likely will still be receiving over the next few weeks. Have some fun with it.

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Attic Organization Tips

After living in our home for over 25 years, my husband and I have decided to simplify our lives, and move. As is sometimes the case – this decision happened very quickly… at least for my husband Bill!

Unbeknownst to him, about two years ago as our empty nest status was imminent, I started thinking

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Nothing Says Spring Like Organizing The Garage

Do you enter your house through the garage? 9 times out of 10, I do. There are times during the year that I just cringe at the amount of “stuff” we store in our garage. That’s how I felt recently, so on the first warmish Saturday, my husband Bill and I spent a few hours in the garage doing some purging and cleaning.

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Scattered Memories

I was never one to keep baby books up to date. I just didn’t make journaling our daughters’ every move a priority at the same time I was changing diapers. But, about a dozen years ago, I decided I’d start scrapbooking, to capture their every move, favorite outfit, soccer game, dance recital, and holiday in a series of photo albums. The first step though, was to organize our photos… an exercise that literally took me an entire summer.

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Managing School-Year Clutter

Ahhh… the school year is either over or almost over. And for some of us (like me), the end of this school year means that my youngest daughter will be off to college in the fall. I’ll miss her, and the energy she creates in the house as she runs from one activity to the next. But, I will not miss all the papers, projects, books, notebooks, and in general, the school-related clutter that quickly accumulates around the house. Every year I look forward to the end of the school year and the break we have from school-related clutter for that summer brings.

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