Taking the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Project 333

Do you think you could wear only 33 items of clothing for three months? How many pieces of clothing, necklaces, jackets, pairs of shoes, or earrings do you think you actually wear each season?

You probably don’t know. I had no idea, so I participated in an experiment recently that I found quite enlightening.

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The Great Clothes Swap-Out

Since I don’t have a closet the size of a small guestroom (I’m guessing most of us don’t), about twice a year I set aside time to swap out my past season’s wardrobe for the present season’s wardrobe. When your closet isn’t big enough to hold your entire wardrobe for the year – there is no getting around this. In the spring, my timing for this chore is influenced by the age-old annual debate: is it ok to wear white before Memorial Day?

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