Managing School-Year Clutter

Ahhh… the school year is either over or almost over. And for some of us (like me), the end of this school year means that my youngest daughter will be off to college in the fall. I’ll miss her, and the energy she creates in the house as she runs from one activity to the next. But, I will not miss all the papers, projects, books, notebooks, and in general, the school-related clutter that quickly accumulates around the house. Every year I look forward to the end of the school year and the break we have from school-related clutter for that summer brings.

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The Great Clothes Swap-Out

Since I don’t have a closet the size of a small guestroom (I’m guessing most of us don’t), about twice a year I set aside time to swap out my past season’s wardrobe for the present season’s wardrobe. When your closet isn’t big enough to hold your entire wardrobe for the year – there is no getting around this. In the spring, my timing for this chore is influenced by the age-old annual debate: is it ok to wear white before Memorial Day?

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Some Say Add Spice to Your Life, I Say Add Color

Even if we don’t think about it consciously, our lives are enhanced by the use of color. I have heard people say that the color you paint the walls in certain rooms in your home can influence your mood, or increase your appetite, and even help calm you when it’s time to go to sleep. I’m not sure I buy into all that specifically, but I do know that color has always had a big influence on me in many different aspects of my life. It may be one of the reasons I was attracted to Marketing as a career many years ago.

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Is Your Kitchen Zoned Out?

The way your kitchen is organized can make you sick. That’s what I realized when I received a new diagnosis from my doctor. I quickly had to re-group and re-define my daily kitchen routine. After 20+ years in the same space, it wasn’t simple – but I learned a few things along the way. A few years ago my daughter Kayla and I were diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I came home from the doctor appointment feeling a bit overwhelmed. Over the next few days as I read every flyer, blog, and online-magazine dedicated to helping people with gluten sensitivity, I realized the first thing I had to do was rearrange my kitchen.

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It’s Time for Mom & Dad to Downsize — Now What?

48 hours after their move, my Mother-in-Law tells me, “I don’t even know where my lipstick is!” When you are 80 years old, this is not a comforting thought. Let me explain. For months my in-laws had been preparing to move to a retirement community. They are both 80+ years old and their home of 50 years was just too much for them to manage – especially with winter right around the corner. They spent the better part of a year researching and visiting a variety of retirement communities in their area. They evaluated all the amenities each facility offered, the distance from family, and the associated costs. They finally selected what I believe is a perfect option for them.

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