Nothing Says Spring Like Organizing The Garage

Do you enter your house through the garage? 9 times out of 10, I do. There are times during the year that I just cringe at the amount of “stuff” we store in our garage. That’s how I felt recently, so on the first warmish Saturday, my husband Bill and I spent a few hours in the garage doing some purging and cleaning.

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Necessary Evil: Meal Preparation

Meal preparation is a necessary evil in most households. When I feel like I am in a recipe rut, I realize it’s time to get more organized and thoughtful with planning. Here are a few tips I have tried.

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Snow When To Go

The main topic of conversation around New England for the past few weeks has been, of course – SNOW! Three huge storms in as many weeks have left most of us, well… snow bound, cranky, and more than exasperated. I got to thinking about how my patterns have been altered since the snow arrived. Instead of just jumping in the car to run to the post office or grocery store – I have hesitated. Instead, I have been saving up my non-urgent errands until I have enough reasons to leave the house to brave the cold and high snow banks.

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More Projects Then Brains?

Sometimes when you have a huge project in front of you – like planning a wedding or planning a move – it’s hard to decide where to start.

Ever feel that way?

Recently my oldest daughter Heather accepted a job offer, which came with it the decision to move to a new city – Philadelphia!

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High- & Low-tech Ways to Organize Recipes

Have you ever struggled to find that perfect recipe you know you made a few months ago, but can’t remember which cookbook it was in? It can be frustrating to me when I can picture exactly what the finished recipe looked like, but can’t remember which cookbook it came from. This still happens to me occasionally, but I am getting a handle on it…

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Stop the Holiday Season Meltdowns

No matter how hard I’ve tried, historically I have some level of “meltdown” at some point between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. These meltdowns came in all sorts of shapes and sizes and I never knew what would be my tipping point in any given year. I just always knew it would happen.

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Creating Harmony with Checklists

My mom always told me that I should keep a checklist of “to dos” on my dresser as a kid. I guess it’s a practice that came natural to me because it’s something I do to this day. I learned at an early age not to trust my memory, because if I did, I would invariably forget something. The act of writing things down – and better yet – crossing them off the list, keeps me on track.

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Conquering Home Office Clutter

One consequence of being away from home for the better part of the summer is the attention my home office needs when I move back in. This year, in particular, it was a real mess!

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Scattered Memories

I was never one to keep baby books up to date. I just didn’t make journaling our daughters’ every move a priority at the same time I was changing diapers. But, about a dozen years ago, I decided I’d start scrapbooking, to capture their every move, favorite outfit, soccer game, dance recital, and holiday in a series of photo albums. The first step though, was to organize our photos… an exercise that literally took me an entire summer.

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Vacation State of Mind

A vacation only really begins after the work of planning for the vacation is done. As I reflect on the many family vacations we’ve taken over the years, I realize that the best ones were the result of a fair bit of organization and upfront planning. I’ll use a short trip we took last summer as an example.

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