Christmas Card Clutter Creativity

As the New Year arrives, managing the clutter accumulated during the busy holiday season can be overwhelming. Take a deep breath and tackle one task at a time. In this article, I am offering a few ideas for making use of all the holiday greeting cards you have received – and most likely will still be receiving over the next few weeks. Have some fun with it.

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Keeping Your Refrigerator In Precise Formation

How does your refrigerator look for the holidays? For some tips on using one of your hardest working appliances to it’s fullest, read on…

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How to Organize Your Spice Rack

What spices lurk in the back of your spice cabinet or drawer? Although it’s a best practice to sort through your spices annually, it had been a while since I sorted through our spice cabinet – recently, I decided it was time to do a thorough check.

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My Top 5 Move Missteps

My family and I lived at the same address for 27 years – that changed about 3 weeks ago. I mentioned in a previous e-Newsletter that my husband Bill and I decided it was time to simplify and shed ourselves of the extra work that a single family home with a big yard and pool demands – not to mention the accumulated clutter. I’m pleased to say all went well with the move. And we’re thrilled with our new condo home. But we learned some valuable lessons along the way…

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Attic Organization Tips

After living in our home for over 25 years, my husband and I have decided to simplify our lives, and move. As is sometimes the case – this decision happened very quickly… at least for my husband Bill!

Unbeknownst to him, about two years ago as our empty nest status was imminent, I started thinking

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Not All To-Dos Are Created Equal

I few weeks ago, I helped a client clear the clutter out of her beautiful home office. Having all of her book, and resources in plain site gave her comfort, but it also created distractions. We started by inventorying all of the spaces in her office. After a short time, we dug in by clearing out her desk drawers, reducing the number of items on top of her bookshelf and on the shelves of her armoire. Then we rearranged and moved some of her seldom-used resources to her walk-up attic. It didn’t take long before she realized that she felt free – free of the clutter, free of the distractions.

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Nothing Says Spring Like Organizing The Garage

Do you enter your house through the garage? 9 times out of 10, I do. There are times during the year that I just cringe at the amount of “stuff” we store in our garage. That’s how I felt recently, so on the first warmish Saturday, my husband Bill and I spent a few hours in the garage doing some purging and cleaning.

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Necessary Evil: Meal Preparation

Meal preparation is a necessary evil in most households. When I feel like I am in a recipe rut, I realize it’s time to get more organized and thoughtful with planning. Here are a few tips I have tried.

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Snow When To Go

The main topic of conversation around New England for the past few weeks has been, of course – SNOW! Three huge storms in as many weeks have left most of us, well… snow bound, cranky, and more than exasperated. I got to thinking about how my patterns have been altered since the snow arrived. Instead of just jumping in the car to run to the post office or grocery store – I have hesitated. Instead, I have been saving up my non-urgent errands until I have enough reasons to leave the house to brave the cold and high snow banks.

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More Projects Then Brains?

Sometimes when you have a huge project in front of you – like planning a wedding or planning a move – it’s hard to decide where to start.

Ever feel that way?

Recently my oldest daughter Heather accepted a job offer, which came with it the decision to move to a new city – Philadelphia!

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